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Most weddings require extremely sensitive and delicate handling… especially Indian weddingswith their multitude of customs, ceremonies and functions! Magnetic Tours and Travels haslaunched fully fledged Wedding Management Services, comprising a dedicated team to handlethe complexities that go with the planning of a wedding- with efficiency, sensitivity andattention to every minor detail. Whether it’s the Big Fat Indian Wedding, or a small intimateaffair on the beach, Magnetic Tours and Travels has the ability to handle it with style. Oursuccessful handling of several weddings comprising diverse modules of services speaks for ourdedication and focus in ensuring the ‘hassle free wedding’. Apart from arranging transportationand hotels, our range of services extends from choosing venues to appointing stylists!A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customsvary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classesMarriage isn’t a ring worn or a paper signed. It is not something endured but savored. It is theunion of two hearts beating as one, each that would sacrifice for the other’s happiness andwellbeing. Marriage is something so beautiful that in that natural world it would be an openingrose, always with radiant petals left to unfurl to a warm sun. Perhaps that is why we give rosesto those we love and often have them at our sacred unions. Marriage is the blessing we give toone another, an eternal bond of soul-mates.